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project and projet leader

Miguel Altieri

University of California, Berkeley
ESPM-Division of Insect Biology
201 Wellman-3112 Berkeley, CA 94720-3112
Phone: 510-642-9802
FAX: 510-642-7428

Location: 215 Mulford, Berkeley campus


what is agroecology

A conversation with Miguel Altieri

Current research

Books in Amazon.com

Crop Protection Strategies for Subsistence Farmers (Westview Studies in Insect Biology)
by Miguel A. Altieri (Editor) (Hardcover - June 1993)

Agroecology and Small Farm Development
by Miguel A. Altieri, Susanna B. Hecht (Editor) (Paperback - July 1990)

Agroecology : The Science of Sustainable Agriculture
by Miguel A. Altieri (Paperback - September 1995)

Genetic Engineering in Agriculture
by Miguel A., Phd

Biodiversity and Pest Management in Agroecosystems
by Miguel A. Altieri (Hardcover - April 1994)

Agroecology : The Scientific Basis of Alternative Agriculture (Westview Special Studies in Agriculture Science and Policy)
by Miguel A. Altieri (Paperback - October 1987)

Weed Management in Agroecosystems : Ecological Approaches
by Miguel A. Altieri, Matt Liebman (Editor) (Hardcover - October 1988)